Fast and secure connection from peer-to-peer and multipoint-to-multipoint...

Sağlayıcı  VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides peer-to-peer, multipoint-to-multipoint, fast and secure connection. VPN service is the service that provides multipoint-to-multipoint connection regardless of the access techniques and enables the transfer of data at different service classes.

With Sağlayıcı VPN, you can make secure and fast connections between your offices located in any part of Turkey through VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can get flexibility and business continuity with Sağlayıcı VPN’s peer-to-peer, multipoint-to-multipoint secure data transfer. You can improve your business capacity with the Sağlayıcı's broad infrastructure and you can save on costs related to network. 

There is no need for a change in the infrastructure in order to begin benefiting from  Sağlayıcı  VPN. The access to Sağlayıcı MPLS network can be made through ATM, Frame Relay, Metro Ethernet, G. SHDSL and ADSL. The speed and cable types provided within Sağlayıcı VPN service varies according to the access type. 

MPLS term is the abbreviation of ‘Multiprotocol Label Switching’ in English. In Turkish it is called as ‘Çoklu Protokol Etiket Bağlaşması’. MPLS is a technique used in transferring the packages on the network.

With MPLS protocol, a tag known by all communication methods is added to the packages together with the IP addresses and these added tags are introduced to all routers. Thereby, resources and destination points that have the same tags are known by all the network and the communication is established in a faster way between these points. 

For every user separate VPN areas (domain) are created on MPLS network. End connections for users are defined in these VPN areas. Thus, a virtual, secure and independent network is created for every user on MPLS network.

Sağlayıcı VPN Features

 Sağlayıcı VPN provides flexibility, speed and continuity with its PoP points located in many cities across Turkey. Thereby, it enables establishing connection between locations anywhere in Turkey. You do not have to use the same package in all locations.Sağlayıcı VPN users can choose any package they want in accordance with the requirements of their offices, insofar as the connection types permit, without any limitation.

As the Sağlayıcı  VPN allows user management, it provides savings on network costs.

Sağlayıcı VPN aims at improving the productivity of business with special packages designed in accordance with the choice and requirements of its customers. Sağlayıcı VPN provides different configurations that will provide great convenience to its customers in classifying their applications with respect to their level of importance. Thereby, TT VPN users do not necessarily deal with configurations.

Fast and secure data communication with VPN

 Sağlayıcı VPN service is preferred by Government Bodies and corporate customers such as multi-location, big and middle scaled companies.

Corporate customers that begin to use Sağlayıcı VPN service will incorporate their branches who run their internet connection with different technologies in one platform and thus provide a fast and secure data communication.


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