Now it’s very easy to publish your videos

VOD (Video on Demand), in the simplest term, can be defined as a service that enables the customer to watch the images (movie, video etc.) stored in a server to watch when desired.

Even though this service is popular with video streaming sites today, the content provided by VOD systems can be watched through Set-top Box, Computer, Mobile Devices or Media Players. 

Broadcasting suitable for all platforms can be made with technologies such as RTMP, RTMPE, RTSP, HLS, HDS, Smoothstream and Pseudo Streaming in video streaming service.

Cost Advantage and Speed are All Together

It is possible to get a world class service at economic prices with the Sağlayıcı’s Video Publishing service. With broadcasts delivered at 3 Continents and from 35 Countries to the whole world, the service is delivered from the nearest location to the user in an uninterrupted way.

Control Panel and Reporting

From CdnCloud Control panel or FTP, the downloaded videos can be viewed or arranged from the panel.

Many reports especially Video View Number, Video Watching Times, Video Watching Percentage Rates, Video Data Usage, Instant Traffic etc. can be found in the CdnCloud Control panel.


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