Your servers are in safe hands with certified engineers

In general terms,Sağlayıcı Server Management is a service of keeping the services and software’s running on the system continually under control and intervene when necessary, and follow up and applying the updates, and ensuring the proper operation of the server. In addition to this, consultancy service for any software problem that may occur on the server is included as well.

Contents of the service

  • Enabling healthy and continuous operation of the server,
  • Keeping software’s existing on the server up-to-date,
  • Supervision of the services with 7/24 server monitoring software,
  • Immediate response to problems that may occur in services (Web server, mail server, ftp server, DNS server, etc.)
  • Installation of software’s for system security and optimization,
  • Optimization of the services of the server,
  • Besides, if a backup of the service is taken, periodically taking the server backups,
  • When necessary, re-installation of the operating system (If a backup of the service is taken, transferring the backups to the server).

This is an ideal solution for companies who want to publish their personal site/sites through their own servers but who are ill-informed on technical issues or server management or who do not want to deal with these operations or who do not want to employ an additional IT staff within their company.

  • Companies such as advertising agencies who gets indirect hosting service can focus on sales and leave all the software and hardware issues regarding the server to the Sağlayıcı team by using this service. As it will not be necessary to control the server status continuously, it won’t be necessary anymore to keep an extra staff for this task.
  • The server management service makes a significant contribution for individuals and companies who deal with hosting sales but who do not have sufficient knowledge and experience on technical issues. As the broadcast is made over sensitive and demanding systems, it can appear that the system suffers due to minor details skipped from time to time and this results with the loss of existing customers. You can minimize and eliminate these kind of difficulties that may arise by using the server management service.

Conveniences of the service

You do not have to worry about your server if you benefit from the server management service. The servers that are kept 7/24 under control by our technical teams resume their operations securely while you are engaged with your business. As this is a value added service, its plus values will become more evident in time.

For instance;  the operating system of your system has collapsed and re-installation is required. The additional price charged for re-installation under normal conditions is not requested from you within the scope of this service; the server is delivered to you in a healthy condition after the required installation and settings are made. If you benefit from the backup service, the backup of your server is also restored and your site or sites resume their broadcast. Who knows, maybe many problems will occur while you are sleeping soundly in your bed and you will get through the disaster without feeling anything with the server management that you left to the Sağlayıcı team.


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