Regardless of distance, totally symmetric and high quality internet service with speeds up 10 Gbps...

Metro Ethernet Internet service includes high speed, non-shared, from 5 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, regardless of distance, totally symmetric and quality support service and it is a service that enables you to connect to the virtual world in very high speeds. Metro Ethernet enables you to connect to internet with combining the advantages of Internet Fiber Optic and Ethernet technologies.

The geographical, route redundant fiber-optic (F/O) backbone owned by the Sağlayıcı ensures your internet to be fast, safe and running. Sağlayıcı provides the Metro Ethernet service through its own infrastructure and it is communicated with the most ideal and assertive prices, thus attracts considerable attention of enterprises. Due to high upload capacity of Metro Ethernet connection, corporate users are able to use internet in a more efficient and fast way.


It is ideal for;

  • Companies, enterprises and service providers that have more than one office, department/unit in the same or different cities
  • Those who are in need of flexible and high bandwidths
  • Those who are in need of an economic access solution
  • Those who want to use the flexibility of their Ethernet service with high performance

Enterprises that cannot solve their access requirements with the available xDSL technologies, seek for a symmetric, fast internet and yet not satisfied with the performance of Turkey’s Internet access network. In particular, it is right for the job for medium and big scaled enterprises that manage their applications from the internet



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