It’s very fast and easy to reach to the four corners of the world with Live Streaming Service

In parallel with the development of internet technologies, the need of reaching audiences from internet has arisen for visual and audio media organs along with the classical terrestrial broadcast and satellite broadcast. In accordance with this service, radios and televisions need some technological investments to broadcast their contents from internet. And here, without the need of making all these investments, you can use the Sağlayıcı's existing infrastructure. You can now start using this unique service by getting it with the Sağlayıcı’s difference.

How does live streaming service work?

Your TV or radio broadcast is transferred to the Sağlayıcı servers with various alternative methods (direct internet, satellite etc.). Here they are converted to the most preferred formats around the world and put into service in a way that can be reached from flash, html5 players and native player or applications.

Streaming suitable for all platforms can be made with technologies such as RTMP, RTMPE, RTSP, HLS, HDS, Smoothstream, Pseudo Streaming in Live Streaming service.

Live streaming service is basically made by the streams sent by the user or transferring the streams in a platform (satellite or digital broadcasting platforms).


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