Guaranteed and secure connection for your access between two locations

Leased Lines

The Sağlayıcı connects two locations for voice, video and/or data transfer services with the rental circuits that it provides internationally.

Rental circuits is an appropriate solution that can be used by companies who always make data transfers between two locations. The biggest reason for preferring rental circuits is that, these lines have a guaranteed bandwidth for network traffic.

Differently from Ethernet services, the user has exclusive (non-public) access to the rental line. This ensures the speed quality and data transfer. Thereby, problems such as package losses or prolonged ping periods, latency and jitter are not encountered.

Rental circuits are preferred for getting fast data flow between enterprises, organizations and/or their branches and enabling fast data transfer over a totally secure connection.

  • It can connect your domestic or foreign offices with each other.
  • You can create a totally private network that will cover all your locations.
  • You can access the internet from one point with rental line.


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