Speaking at a cheaper price is your right as well, and on top of that without making an investment for station

Sağlayıcı Corporate VoIP service is a technology that enables voice transfer over our IP data networks. System works in two phases; digitizing and zipping the voice. For this purpose, a voice gateway, a router or a voice supported modem device is used in accordance with the magnitude or requirement of the enterprises.

It is an ideal solution for all enterprises who want to lower the costs, benefit from the increasing advantageous prices according to their capacity and make interurban, international GSM calls. Sağlayıcı Corporate VoIP service shines out as an economic and alternative voice service for corporations. Beginning from the moment that you purchase Sağlayıcı Corporate VoIP service, you can feel the security of being connected to the Sağlayıcı  infrastructure and you can make your long distance and GSM calls in a flexible and proper way that fits your requirements without paying more.

The VoIP integration process of your company will be designed by our experienced teams according to the infrastructure and device requirements and then delivered to you.


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