Rent the server you want directly without an initial investment cost

With Sağlayıcı Hosting Solutions you get the opportunity to access the applications on your server with the highest access speed. With this application where high security and performance is offered together, you can benefit from the IBM servers in the Sağlayıcı Data Centers by choosing one of our flexible price proposals optimal for you.

  • With the Dedicated  Server  service, you can get the ideal hardware, support and software options for your requirements at various scales without making a fix investment
  • It is an ideal solution for those who need a more powerful IT infrastructure for applications such as automation, etc. and those who want to save money from licensing investment.


Within the Sağlayıcı Hosting Solutions, a special area is allocated for you and your dedicated server . The systems are hosted on appropriate servers in accordance with the CPU load of the applications and their criticality. The internet access to your servers is provided with the desired quality and bandwidths. The hardware support for your servers is provided at the level you desire. You can access to your server via internet and manage with remote connection. You can choose the ideal one for your requirements from our different server models.


  • With Sağlayıcı's own fiber optic backbone, you get high speed, quality and secure access in all circumstances
  • You get the connection and IT services in one and high SLA with our redundant fiber infrastructure that we manage.
  • All the energy and air conditioning infrastructures within the Provider Data Centers are designed in a one-to-one redundant architecture. Thereby, your service continuity is ensured with the network devices and the redundancy in their services.
  • You can 7/24 reach the services at the security and support service level that the Sağlayıcı implements for its own operation with the first level support personnel.
  • In our data center, the high security measures implemented in accordance with Sağlayıcı standards ensure your information security..
  • As your growing company needs new and more technological infrastructure, it is scaled immediately through Sağlayıcı's investment power and support is provided.
  • You can remotely monitor and control your data center operations through Sağlayıcı Corporate Online Operation Center.
  • You eliminate the cost, effort and risks of building and managing your own data center.
  • You save from the physical areas that you will allocate for your servers, costs to be spent for personnel, business and maintenance, and expenses to be spent for power and cooling.
  • Your servers are monitored 7/24 and when needed basic interventions are performed.
  • You can get 7/24 Sağlayıcı support through our corporate call center.
  • A free of charge IP block is allocated according to your will.
  • The necessary modifications are made on the server model you choose according to your requirements.


Sağlayıcı Data Center server is priced over server hosting tariff on a monthly basis according to the technical specifications, volume, number of ports and internet access capacity of the server to be hosted.


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