Determine the Speed Yourself with Fiber Networks Waiting to be lighted

This is a point-to-point Fiber Optic infrastructure provided by the Sağlayıcı  and it is special for the customer.

Dark fiber is the most inconvenient but most flexible infrastructure service. Fiber couples that no light passes through (which means they are not connected to any equipment) are called Dark Fiber. Without any equipment, only the fiber is taken. Then the customer connects these fibers to its equipment and sends light (signal). The fibers are terminated at both ends of the line. These terminated fibers enable the data transport between two ends at different capacities. A booster or an amplifier (in between 50-100 km, in order to provide energy for the signal to reach to its next entry point) and a repeater is installed.

  • Using more than one fiber in one route
  • A whole cable allocated for one customer
  • A tube (buffer) allocated for one customer
  • A route or colocation allocated for one customer


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