Let your static contents be transmitted from the nearest location and in the fastest way with content delivery Request Transit Every Day!

Providing content may look like an easy process for a web server but as the number of requests increase it gets more difficult to meet the increasing demand. You may reason a plain logic like meeting the requests by installing an additional web server; but keeping a capacity only for requests coming during busy periods and particularly staying in idle during whole day will turn out to become a great expense with regards to both investment and operational cost.

With Sağlayıcı Content Delivery services, the content distribution network delivers all your contents to users through edge server that will transmit in the fastest way. With a content network that responds more requests simultaneously in a faster way, your contents reach faster to the user and your website’s leaving rate by the visitors decrease.

A website that works faster may even influence your position at search engines.

Sağlayıcı Content Delivery Services has the following main differences compared to its equivalents:

  • Infrastructure developed by 100% Local Engineers
  • Control Panel developed by 100% Local Engineers
  • 7/24 Limitless Expert Support
  • Load-Balancing 
  • Caching at every level


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