You know of your servers and services in advance with CLOUD Monitoring service

Network Service Controls

  • With ping or TCP port controls
  • HEAD, GET or POST request delivery with the URL you want.
    • Controlling of the form values supported with POST
    • Controlling of the entry form values supported with GET and POST
    • Controlling of the specified word or sentences with HTTP requests
    • Give alarm with response times or 400+ error codes. Thereby, you get informed as your servers begin to give error.
  • Connection control, service control and e-mail access times control of SMTP, POP and IMAP servers.
  • Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access control 
  • DNS control and controlling whether the dns responses reflect the real ip addresses or not
  • Sending FTP and SSH connections’ commends.
  • Connection control for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server database servers.
  • Various controls for Application/protocol developers.
  • Controlling of encrypted SSL versions for all supported Network Service controls.
  • Package service control that will notify you when the server is suddenly disabled.
  • Application of triggers returning with a specific response time within a specific period.

Server Resource Controls

  • Panopta Monitoring Agent is available for the following operating systems: Linux (RHEL/Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian), Microsoft Windows (Server 2003, Server 2008) and FreeBSD.
    • Monitoring of CPU, Ram, Disk and Bandwidth resources
    • Control of file existence. 
    • Providing the rate of database control module requests, cache usage and replication status for MySQL and MSSQL servers.
  • SNMP monitoring feature is provided for getting values from all devices supporting SNMP.
    • Adding MIB to the Known Standard Management Information Bases’ (MIBs) support optionally.
    • SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and very soon SNMPv3 support
  • Creating alarms with the values provided by Panopta Monitoring Agent and SNMP.


  • We support multiple notification methods for notifications:
    • E-mail (text, HTML or short text)
    • SMS 
    • Push notification support for Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad devices (Soon for Android devices as well).
    • Voice call (home, office or cell phones)
    • Twitter, direct message and normal message (message content can be customized)
    • Google Chat and IRC message
    • You can integrate to your existing Call (ticket) software with HTTP POST support
  • Notification timings provide complex notification settings that support automatic notification assignments too.
  • Enabling of informing different people at each notification by creating alternate contact lists.
  • Informing all contact list at once. 
  • You can deactivate notifications during your scheduled works with maintenance time setting.

Monitoring Control Panel

  • Web based control panel enables you to make all the settings and access to the reports.
  • Panopta Monitoring Agent’s control.
  • Interface that even facilitates the control of hundreds of servers.
  • Creating users and assigning them to the related servers.


  • Reports sent as e-mail can communicate the servers’ daily, weekly and monthly accessibility and response times.
    • Reports can be for all servers or specified servers.
    • Reports can optionally be arranged visually.

Mobile Applications

  • It allows you to reach to the server and server reports with Mobile Applications.
    • You can find iPhone/iPod/iPad applications on the AppStore.
    • You can find Android applications on the Android Market.
  • You can access iPhone/iPod/iPad’s with push notification support (Soon for Android as well…).
  • You can respond to alarms directly from your telephone.

Other Features

  • API support
  • RSS support


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