Save on traffic and reduce the load with Content Delivery Network

Why CDN?

The increase of TV / Radio / Video / Sound streaming plays a very important role in the internet traffic which has shown a significant increase recently. CDN (Content Delivery Network) infrastructure has been established by the Sağlayıcı in order to communicate Live TV / program streaming, video on demand / sound streaming to the end user in a fast, quality way and with a profitable cost by using multicast streaming / hosting.

The Sağlayıcı establishes your communication through access from the nearest location to the edge servers which are installed at the most important locations of Turkey. Thus, the user gains access to the content in the fastest way.


Providing a content may seem as a very simple process. You may have witnessed a test file working smoothly many times. But as the provided service gets bigger, problems arise. In case you ask for help after the problems have already arisen, the system changes you will make may cause big problems or extreme labor force. At this stage, you can get the Sağlayıcı Content Delivery Network service and you may develop swiftly with R&D, Technology, Reliability, Scalability, Support and “a more improved platform every month” concept.

Our CDN Services

  • VOD Service
  • Live Streaming  Services
  • Static Content Delivery Services
  • Online Music and Radio Streaming Services
  • Encoding Stream Platform
  • On-Demand Media Transcoding
  • Mobile TV, Web TV, IP TV Platform Services
  • Caching Media Distribution Technologies
  • CMS Content Management System
  • Dynamic Content Management
  • Content Encoding DRM and Security
  • İntegration and Software Customization

Fast, Uninterrupted, Stable

It is possible to communicate your streams to all corners of the world within the shortest time by using the Sağlayıcı Live Streaming Services and Content Delivery Network.

With the global data center solution partners, there are ports in America, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Delivery of static and dynamic contents is made from these ports.

With content delivery network, it is enabled for your site to remain active at high traffic and peak times without being stuck to limits such as bandwidth, server supply, etc.

All platforms, especially Mobile, Web and TV, are supported. 

With HTML5 Technology, it can be displayed by operating systems and devices which do not support Flash.

Processes such as monitoring the amount of use and reports, cache cleaning and node control can easily be done with the control panel.

With secure video streaming infrastructure, it can prevent the contents on your site to be copied and published on other sites by giving reference to your site. Thereby, it can both prevent your site contents to be distributed to other channels and prevent extra costs that may arise for that reason.

CdnCloud control panel service can be upgraded according to your requests and projects.


CDN Locations

Sağlayıcı ensures uninterrupted intercontinental data traffic by using the global data broadcasting infrastructure which it has established together with its data center solution partners. 

Sağlayıcı is perpetually expanding the current network with the edge servers added every day. At the moment, this service is smoothly provided to the whole world from 3 Continents, 35 Countries.


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