With Caching service, save on bandwidth and both reduce the load and speed up

In case objects requested from internet are stored on a server in local area network and then the same objects are requested by the same or another client, if this request is met by the server this is called caching. For programs using the same caching server, the average time of meeting requests decreases, and it saves up from bandwidth.

Combine your must-reach contents with flexibility and speed !

With caching network, users can react to your must-reach contents from the nearest location. While doing this, it provides features such as speed limiting, transmitting according to geographical area, secure link and zipping as well.

Main features of caching service are:

  • Location based reporting with Geo-Blocking and Geo-Intelligence
  • Referrer Blocking
  • Token-Based Authentication
  • IP/CIDR Blocking
  • Header Control
  • Zipping
  • Cookie support
  • Query String Capture
  • Total Usage Reporting’s


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