The “good” traffic is identified dynamically and separated from the “bad” traffic with DDoS attack prevention system

As all the infrastructure is installed over the Sağlayıcı’s network, our customers do not need to make an additional investment. With this service the attacks are cleaned before they reach to the customer’s line. Thereby, both the saturation of the customer’s line and the consumption of the customer’s network infrastructure resources are prevented.

Today there is no available digital signature for all existing DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks are usually performed by using legal network packages. This causes the digital signature based security solutions used by the customers remain incapable. In addition, an attack made in high volumes can result with the saturation of the line, collapse of the customer’s security systems or consumption of a significant part of the customers’ resources. All these can be “stopped” with the DDoS Attack Prevention system.

  • Attack detection and prevention is made according the profile created by statistical analysis.
  • “Bad” traffic is defined dynamically and separated from “good” traffic.
  • Only the right traffic is allowed to reach the destination.


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