You think that your system is in safe. But are your applications in safe too?

Sağlayıcı Hosting Solutions proceeds with solid and strong steps to achieve its goal of being one of the leading companies on the field of application security in the sector. The application includes the condition of not causing an exceptional situation in security policies through its lifecycle, and any system vulnerability during design, development, deployment, upgrading or maintenance.

Applications work with the resources allocated to them. Applications determine the usage of these resources by application users in a way, respectively, specified by the application security. With the advancing technology, the critical commercial applications of the institutions are now integrated with the web technologies and are commonly used. Along with the advantages of this technology, the size of the risks to be confronted has also changed. Controlling the security of the web based applications and eliminating the detected security vulnerabilities has become significantly important.

The Provider provides the following services in the field of application security;

  • Testing and reporting
  • Application Firewall
  • Application Scanner
  • Application configuration


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